Football Art 2011-2018

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Football Art 2011-2018

This book contains over 300 pieces of unique football artwork created between 2011 and 2018. I've used my love of the game to present a wide range of players, managers and teams with humour and affection making ‘Football Art’ something any fan could return to time and again.

The book is arranged into 7 chapters: character design, memes, illustration, portraits, posters, design, sketches. Each chapter ends with an essay related to that type of work. The 6 essays are: Principles of Character Design, Why I Make Memes, How I Get Ideas, Portrait Drawing Guide, Influences on my Work and My Work Life So Far. For the final essay slot I have included a look at my office and a list of tools I use plus ways to see more of my football art.

This product ships worldwide in a sturdy cardboard envelope with bubble wrap around the book. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

- 7 Years of Work
- 150+ pages
- 300+ pieces of artwork
- 6 essays on various aspects of football art
- Professionally printed and bound
- comes with a free bookmark

- A4 Art Book
- 152 pages inc cover
- Cover: 300GSM Silk
- Interior: 115GSM Uncoated
- Full Colour throughout
- Perfect Bound (10mm spine)